GB Triathletes – Ironman World Championships 2015
10 Oct 2015

GB Triathletes – Ironman World Championships 2015

A list of all of the UK / GB Triathletes Competing in Kona

Results: In the grueling heat, top athletes from all over the world converged on Kona Hawaii for the 2015 Ironman Word Championships. Several hours into the race, predictions were still difficult to make, with the exception of Daniela Ryf of Switzerland and Jan Frodeno of Germany, who kept a pretty convincing lead in their categories throughout, finishing in 08:57:57 and 08:14:40 respectively. Fellow countryman Andreas Raelert was the male second place, shortly followed by USA’s Timothy O’Donnell. The UK’s Jodie Swallow, ran out of steam half way through the run, but a GB spot on the Kona podium was secured by Rachel Joyce who finished second in 09:10:59, followed five minutes later by Australia’s Liz Blatchford.

It was bad news for Gordon Ramsay, who threw in the towel following the bike leg and there was heartbreak for 70 year old Leslye H Teube, who was forced to cut her race short when she exceeded the swim time cut off our two hours, by just three seconds!


Here’s all of our triathletes that competed in the 2015 Ironman World Championships inn Hawaii, along with their BIB numbers and (where available) their Twitter ID, so you can show them your support, including celebrity contender Gordon Ramsay.

You can also follow all of their accounts in one place from this Twitter List.

Don’t forget you can watch the coverage live online and follow updates on Twitter, for many, watching the whole event will be the ultimate endurance challenge.


Male Pro

Age Group
17 Tim Don MPRO @trithedon
26 Joe Skipper MPRO @joe_skipper88
33 David McNamee MPRO @DavidMcNameetri
52 Fraser Cartmell MPRO @Frasertri


Female Pro

Age Group
105 Rachel Joyce WPRO @RJoyce09
110 Leanda Cave WPRO @leandacave
117 Lucy Gossage WPRO @lucygoss
121 Susie Cheetham WPRO @susiecheetham
135 Corinne Abraham WPRO  @CorinneAbraham
103 Jodie Swallow WPRO  @jodieswallow



Male Age Group

Age Group
146 Gordon Ramsay M45-49 @GordonRamsay
181 Raymond Gray M70-74
214 Scott Balfour M65-69 @bonkersironman
219 Christopher Domoney M65-69
222 Peter Gillott M65-69
310 Nigel Merrony M60-64
377 Nicholas Beardow M55-59
391 Martin Cook M55-59
399 Martin Gannon M55-59
473 Charles Watson M55-59
480 Robert Wilson M55-59 @robertwilson21
547 Graham Baxter M50-54 GRAHAMBAXTER911
561 Roger Canham M50-54 @hawc
621 Richard Hobson M50-54 @Rich_Hobbo
640 John Krumins M50-54
641 David Labouchere M50-54 @DavidLabouchere
662 Neil McLoughlin M50-54 @neilmcloughlin
679 Richard Newey M50-54 @Richnewey
682 Peter Openshaw M50-54
689 Jon Pike M50-54
703 Martin Selby M50-54 @martselby
707 Chris Stephenson M50-54
818 Charles Ashwanden M45-49
828 Tim Bishop M45-49
834 Frank Boyne M45-49
853 Anthony Clarke M45-49
895 Mark Gray M45-49
916 Gareth Huxley M45-49
967 Des McManus M45-49
977 Phil Mottram M45-49
984 Shaun O’Keefe M45-49 @Shaun0Keefe
985 Simon Oldham M45-49
1005 Mark Richardson M45-49
1008 Riaz Rizvi M45-49
1040 Ian Staines M45-49
1050 Wayne Thursting M45-49 @waynejm
1061 Wayne Vickers M45-49
1067 Mark White M45-49
1068 Jason Wilkes M45-49 @Ironman_carreg
1159 Stuart Anderson M40-44
1217 James Dalton M40-44
1219 Matthew Dawes M40-44
1234 Hedley Fletcher M40-44
1235 David Francis M40-44
1259 Jonathan Hall M40-44
1267 David Hill M40-44
1281 Gary Kelly M40-44
1293 Matt Langdon M40-44
1379 Paul Rodger M40-44
1381 David Rowe M40-44
1392 Duncan Shea – Simonds M40-44
1403 Stuart Staples M40-44
1437 Anthony Weeks M40-44
1441 Mark Whittaker M40-44
1551 Chris Bailey M35-39
1564 Matthew Blagg M35-39
1606 Matthew Evans M35-39
1609 Peter Fenwick M35-39
1628 David Green M35-39
1631 Martin Hallissey M35-39
1637 Alex Higham M35-39
1683 James Ogilvie M35-39
1692 Charles Pennington M35-39
1718 Paul Matthew Savage M35-39
1725 Alan Bennet Scott M35-39
1771 Tom Ward M35-39
1882 Rob Arkell M30-34
1902 Paul Burton M30-34
1909 Paul Cowling M30-34
1928 Robert Fletcher M30-34
1929 Brian Fogarty M30-34 @foggi8
1943 Peter Harrison M30-34
1945 Haukur Heimisson M30-34
1946 Scott Hill M30-34
1953 Michael Jolley M30-34
1958 Ryan Kestle M30-34
1970 Graham James Leitch M30-34
1980 Luke Mathews M30-34
2010 George Prewett M30-34
2024 Julian Sandford M30-34
2143 Christopher Ashford M25-29
2146 Edward Bales M25-29
2147 George Banks M25-29
2152 Chris Bellamy M25-29
2177 Dean Edwards M25-29
2194 Tom Hill M25-29
2199 Chris Huggett M25-29
2220 Tom McGlashan M25-29
2242 Daniel Sims M25-29
2251 Robbie Whitaker M25-29
2321 Reece Barclay M18-24 @reece_barclay
2365 Aled Smith M18-24
2414 Panos Kakoullis M45-49

Female Age Groups

Age Group
258 Linda Ashmore F65-69
339 Theresa Abbott F60-64
345 Fiona Davies F60-64
498 Share Forrester F55-59
500 Elizabeth Gannon F55-59
501 Glenda Goscomb F55-59 @GlendaG1
516 Maxine McKinnon F55-59
520 Valerie Place F55-59
746 Tania Atwell F50-54
755 Melissa Dowell F50-54 @Melissajdowell
778 Frances Malin F50-54
791 Lynette Porter F50-54
798 Eileen Searle F50-54
804 Jennifer Tait F50-54
808 Nicola Walker F50-54
810 Caroline Whittaker F50-54
1088 Jill Cliff F45-49
1098 Angela Girgis F45-49
1101 Jane Hansom F45-49 @JaneHansom
1128 Paula Robinson F45-49
1148 Dionne Whelan F45-49
1150 Sophie Whitworth F45-49 @sophtri
1468 Harriet Chettleburgh F40-44
1493 Catherine Hilton F40-44 @teamhilton2010
1497 Maree Jesson F40-44
1517 Liz Pinches F40-44 @lizpinches
1786 Emma Briggs F35-39
1791 Suzanna Jane Cox F35-39
1795 Lucie Custance F35-39 @LucieCustance
1811 Elaine Garvican F35-39
1857 Claire Shea-Simonds F35-39 @ClaireSSTri
2078 Rachel Hallam F30-34 @RachelHallam3
2097 Fiona Love F30-34 @FionaCLove
2101 Andrea Mason F30-34
2103 Lauren McGregor F30-34 @LaurenTweetmore
2121 Alison Rowatt F30-34 @ali_rowatt
2126 Jennifer Stewart F30-34
2128 Kelly Stokes F30-34 @BionicTriGirl
2296 Stephanie Knott F25-29
2316 Georgina Zissler F25-29
2372 Lucy Charles F18-24 @LucyAnneCharles
2374 Hollie Cradduck F18-24 @HollieCradduck
2378 Molly Blue Haywood F18-24