Zwift Turbo Trainer
05 Mar 2016

Zwift – Cycling Meets Gaming

I spent two months “road testing” the new game that’s revolutionised indoor cycling. Many years prior to Zwift, during my first year at University, Call of Duty came out on the Xbox and it wasn’t long before the time that should have been spent polishing off our Harvard referencing system, was instead invested racking up kills behind enemy lines. I don’t think it really hit home,...

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New Giant road bike
19 Oct 2015

New Year, New Gear

Turning 31 brings with it some useful gifts. Though I would have preferred to remain 29 forever, the age of 30 has treated me well, but no sooner had I gotten used to the ring of it, the ugly inevitability of 31 emerged on the horizon. One advantage of birthdays is that, sometimes, nice people do nice things for you. For example, this year I...

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Spotify Logo
22 Sep 2015

Spotify “Running” Mode

A hands on review of the new “running” feature on Android Spotify app. Spotify had recently added a running feature to its Android app. This app has been available on iOS for some time now and as usual, the Android release was somewhat belated. Windows phone user may have to wait a good while yet. The premise of the app is simple; it matches the...

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