Half ironman cycle trip
20 Nov 2015

Preparing for the Ironman ride

My 220km cycle adventure / ordeal The 24th of November 2015 was a significant day in my triathlon journey. With a half iron distance event lined up for next year, I wanted to have undertaken all of the individual elements before the close of the year, in preparation for having to do them all in one go. Several days a week I exceed the 1.9km...

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New Giant road bike
19 Oct 2015

New Year, New Gear

Turning 31 brings with it some useful gifts. Though I would have preferred to remain 29 forever, the age of 30 has treated me well, but no sooner had I gotten used to the ring of it, the ugly inevitability of 31 emerged on the horizon. One advantage of birthdays is that, sometimes, nice people do nice things for you. For example, this year I...

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Me and my medals from 2015
03 Oct 2015

End of Season 2015

The end of the beginning I was positioned in corner of the bathroom, hunched over in the foetal position with my forehead resting on the floor. Eyes winced, teeth clenched, I drew my arms in tightly around my midriff. I was wearing a dressing gown, now more sweat than fabric; draped over my back like a cape, I regularly embraced myself within it or took...

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