healthy spinach halloumi curry
12 Dec 2015

Healthy Spinach and Halloumi Curry

This comforting spinach and halloumi curry is delicious and easy to prepare. It’s also got loads of healthy and nutritious ingredients. Spinach, which is low and fat and cholesterol and full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.   Ingredients (serves 4) One large onion 2 inch piece of ginger 4 cloves of garlic One large chili (or one teaspoon of chili flakes) 1 teaspoon coriander...

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Ironman Halloween Pumpkin
31 Oct 2015

Ironman Halloween Pumpkin

Following on the theme of Ironman themed photos, this Halloween I picked up a knife and brutally butchered an innocent pumpkin to create this spooky M-Dot photo, complete with dead leaves, creepy window and evil spider. Carving the Ironman pumpkin Adding the “fog” Animated version Finished product! Happy Halloween from 26Fe

mango with chilli infused seed, coconut and yoghurt
15 Oct 2015

Mango Yoghurt with Chilli Seeds & Coconut

A healthy breakfast yoghurt with a kick! For many years, one of my favourite breakfasts has been natural yoghurts, mixed seeds and fruit. To begin with that fruit was blueberry. I then went on to experiment with other fruits such as strawberries, pineapple and mango. The latter evolved into this simple, delicious and healthy breakfast. The chilli oil is optional, but you will find that...

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Ironman Pizza
12 Oct 2015

Ironman Pizza

We gave the M-Dot the Italian treatment Whilst watching the Ironman World Championships 2015, live from Kona, Hawaii, we created a special Ironman logo pizza.   Creating the base…   Adding the sauce…   Adding the toppings…   Voila!

high protein granola recipe
07 Oct 2015

High Protein Granola Recipe

A nutritious breakfast for triathletes This is a great and well balanced granola recipe that is much more nutritious than a shop bought alternative. It can also be personalised so you don’t have to pick out the gross currents! Shop bought muesli that has no added sugar can, in my option taste like dust. The tastier versions can be a little sparse on the really good...

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