Absurd Triathlon 2016
05 Sep 2016

The Absurd Triathlon for Mind Mental Health

An ridiculously fun effort at raising money for charity. Last year I met a man in a car park. The man was in the penny farthing business and had a full sized farthing strapped to the back of his small Suzuki car. I wondered what it would be like to ride such a contraption. Then I wondered what it would be like to ride one...

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Marathon Featured
05 Aug 2016

Running my First Marathon

A vaguely meaningful 26.2 miles Ever since I was at school, I wanted to run a marathon. Actually, that’s not entirely true. When I was at school I wanted to run the marathon, ‘the’ being the London Marathon, which as far as I was aware was the only marathon. Of course, it is not, so… …what is a marathon? I’m glad that you asked. In...

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Cheese Rolling 2016 - Crackers
01 Jun 2016

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2016

“Race Report” for one of Britain’s most bizarre traditions. I first heard of the annual Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling event many years ago. It looked like “gouda” fun and I wanted to give it a bash. People thought I was “crackers” and that it would end in a “pickle”, but I just thought “edam” it, why not?! The annual cheese rolling takes place on Cooper’s...

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Velothon 2016 Wales
25 May 2016

Velothon 2016 Wales Race Report

An exhilarating experience with 14,000 riders! I wasn’t going to write anything about the Welsh Velothon 2016, as before the event I didn’t think that there would be anything outstanding about the experience. I was wrong, for several reasons. It’s worth noting that I almost didn’t participate in the event. The previous week I had completed my first half iron distance triathlon, my planning and...

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Immortal Half 2016 Medal
20 May 2016

The Immortal Half 70.3 Distance Triathlon

Race report for my first half iron distance tri. On the 15th of May 2016 I took part in the Immortal Half, my first half iron distance triathlon, which is comprised of a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a half-marathon. I was nervous about the event because last September I injured my knee whilst running the Cheltenham half-marathon. I underwent intense...

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127km Wye Valley Warrior
09 May 2016

127km – The Wye Valley Warrior

The Brutal Welsh Sportive Following my last sportive (the 100km Cotswold Spring Classic) I was determined to learn from my mistakes. After slogging up the hills on the middle ring (because my front dérailleur was faulty), I was determined to learn some basic bike maintenance, so I did! I now know how to adjust dérailleurs, fix brakes and build chains. I took the Cotswold Spring...

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Cotswold Spring Classic 2016
30 Mar 2016

The Cotswold Spring Classic Sportive 2016

My introduction to group cycling It was 7am on a bank holiday Monday. It was dark, it was raining and it was cold. As I unfastened my bike from the back of the car my fingers went numb, like when you scrape ice off your windscreen. The difference was, that when you’ve de-iced your windscreen, you generally get to warm up in the car. What...

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Swimathon medals 2013 - 2016
23 Mar 2016

Swimathon 2016 Race Report

And, why I’m never going to take part in the event again* As a child I was a strong swimmer, but this was at a time when my mum would sew my badges onto my Speedos’. As an adult, I didn’t resume swimming, properly, until 2013. When I moved to Birmingham I began to visit the Douglas Ellis Woodcock swimming pool on the Aston University...

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Zwift Turbo Trainer
05 Mar 2016

Zwift – Cycling Meets Gaming

I spent two months “road testing” the new game that’s revolutionised indoor cycling. Many years prior to Zwift, during my first year at University, Call of Duty came out on the Xbox and it wasn’t long before the time that should have been spent polishing off our Harvard referencing system, was instead invested racking up kills behind enemy lines. I don’t think it really hit home,...

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Rapha Festive 500 2015
02 Jan 2016

Rapha Festive 500 – 2015

Shut up legs! In October, prior to the 2015 Rapha Festive 500, I was given my first road bike, which I named Fafnir, after a Nordic dragon. I soon began clocking up the kilometres and, for the first time, began to enjoy this type of cycling. For a long time now I have regularly swum, competitively and for fun, and I find myself having to...

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